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What other Model Makers say…

If you would like us to consider your project for inclusion please email us your photographs and text

B&E Birdcage Brake Van body kit

This Bristol & Exeter broad gauge Birdcage Brake Van body kit is one of a range of kits that York Modelmaking have done for us over the last few years. These, plus all our other kits and parts, are available to view on our website.

click on Modelling and then on Parts in the dropdown menu and search for “laser cut”

Jon Hewlett, Broad Gauge Society

Broad Gauge Society's latest kit by York Modelmaking

Broad Gauge Society’s latest kit by York Modelmaking

4mm scale Broad Gauge Society laser cut kits by York Modelmaking

4mm scale Broad Gauge Society laser cut kits by York Modelmaking

7mm Broad Gauge Society laser cut kits by York Modelmaking

7mm Broad Gauge Society laser cut kits by York Modelmaking

Ian Robins approached York Modelmaking in 2009 to laser cut a set of parts to create a single track viaduct, based on the bridge at Millers Dale in Derbyshire, for his ‘Dales Peak’ OO gauge layout. This viaduct was seen on Ian’s blog by Vincent Love, who was working on a layout to represent Millers Dale and its viaducts. This is when Vincent commissioned Ian to produce an actual copy of the double track Millers Dale viaduct.

Working closely with York Modelmaking Ian produced the drawings to laser cut the parts from 1mm and 0.75mm white Rowmark.

The finished bridge will consist of three spans, and Vincent has already finished the first one. Extra detail, such as rivets, is being added by Vincent to produce a very convincing model of the actual viaduct.

Millers Dale Viaduct,      Ian Robins

Millers Dale Viaduct, Ian Robins

Hanrahan Models

I took the unpainted Rowmark 1:48 Colorado Midland refrigerator cars to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Seattle, Washington several weeks ago and they caused quite a stir. While laser cutting of wood is very common here, using laser cut plastic was a see change for many people. Indeed, I was asked by the Editor of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine (one of the two national model railway magazines in the USA) to write an article on working with laser cut Rowmark and building the refrigerator models.

(See York Modelmaking’s Summer 2013 newsletter for an extract from this article)

Robert Stears

Hanrahan models at Naperville 2012 RPM

Hanrahan models at Naperville 2012 RPM

OO Scale model of Normanton station

It is my first attempt at scratch building! 

All the windows and doors and canopy supports are those provided by York Modelling

John Watton

Normanton Station

Normanton Station

The frames arrived and they are perfect. Thanks a lot.

Shane Leahy

Windows for model church

Thanks very much for your prompt service

Sean Hutchinson, Hessle MRG

00-105 windows   pack of 4 - £3.50

00-105 windows pack of 4 – £3.50

With two significant celebrations to mark this autumn; a Golden Wedding Anniversary and a 50th Birthday, these laser etched cards were perfect.  As well as a unique personalized card they’re also a keepsake with the Totem Sign being removable with a “fridge” magnet on the back.   Everyone loved them, I’ll be back for more !


Laser Etched Totem Sign Cards

Thank you, now everyone know whose the BOSS round here !

Jo Carr

Laser cut 5mm Acrylic lettering

I have used your self adhesive roof tiles on my buildings for my exhibition layout of Outwell Village. I found the tiles very easy to use and produce a very convincing model.

Alan Price

Outwell Village

I received my Lattice Tower components yesterday.  We are very pleased with the results – they are so fine and are just like the drawing I sent you.

Jim Owers

Lattice Tower Components Drawing

The window top lights have arrived today and they are superb! Well done to all at York Modelmaking. Once again many thanks for your help and certainly for producing such exquisite components.

Clive Hardwick

Clive Hardwick – Curved window top lights

I recently rebuilt a roof using your self-adhesive tiles. I deliberately made some of the tiles look as if they were loose and picked out a few in a darker shade. I must say I am very pleased with your product and will certainly use it again.

David Vaughan

I enclose a photo showing the modified O-102 windows which you kindly produced for me used as warehouse windows. The view also shows standard O-102 windows used for the ground floor and also the engine shed. As is always the case, this layout is a work in progress, but the use of your windows has made a big difference. I dread to think how long it would have taken me to complete the warehouse (29 windows) if I had made my own windows, or what sort of a mess it would have looked.
Actually the warehouse was made for a different location but looks better where it is, so I have to blend it in now.
There are more buildings to design and build but I will definitely get back to you once I have decided what doors and windows they need.
Thanks for you help and look forward to seeing what other modellers are doing.

Paul Clarke

Paul Clark – Cinder Lane

The model of George Stephenson’s Birthplace at Wylam came out rather well thanks to your windows. I delivered it last Friday to the Guide we met last year who was delighted with the result.

Don Asher

Don Asher – George Stepenson’s Birthplace.

I began working on Mangotsfield Station in 2006. I quickly realised that the windows on the main walls would have to be purpose made, and I turned to York Modelmaking after seeing their advert in the Model Rail magazine. After providing sketches, photos and scale drawings of the original window, York Modelmaking were able to accurately reproduce the windows. I ordered 30, which were quickly despatched. Thanks to York Modelmaking, I can now accurately reproduce the station.

David Bradley

These 00 scale windows are now available to purchase from our online store – code 00-401 and also in 0 scale – code 0-401

I have had fun today unpacking your parcel.  It all looks good, and I will have to restrain myself from trying to get it all together too quickly.  Many thanks for the spare piece, hopefully I won’t need it, but it is a comfort to know I have a bit of a back up if things go wrong.

John Branch

John Branch

All received and exactly what I needed.  Many thanks for all your efforts.  I remain a great fan of your work and liked the co-operative and it-can-be-done approach your team has.

Bevis Heap

Just wanted to say many thanks for the brick work, it arrived on Saturday and I have to say it is fantastic. Absolutely stunning, I am really pleased with it.    Once again many thanks.

Alex Perkins

Alex Perkins – Laser etched brick walls – part of large building project

I am delighted with the quality of Barry West Pond signal box window units. Many thanks indeed. I can now commence the construction of the rest of the box.

Alwyn Annels

Alwyn Annels – Signal Box shell

I used your slate tiles on the “Corris 1930” layout. While exhibiting the layout at nearly twenty shows I have invariably been asked at each show – normally more than once – “How did I do the tiles?” They then get pointed in the direction of your website – I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the product

Geoff Broadhurst

The windows look superb. Its now down to me to make the most of them in my model but there is no doubt that there will be a great time saving – time is running out for an ageing modeller keen to finish something substantial and I could never match the precision of the laser cut parts.

Laurie Barber

Laurie Barber – Window frames

If you would like us to consider your project for inclusion please email us your photographs and text