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Our Bespoke Laser Cutting Service provides a quick, easy and affordable way of having detailed items laser cut and etched to your specifications; from a single window to entire buildings.  Projects completed include coach sides, glazed canopy roofs, bridges, signal boxes, wagon sheds, upgrades of Hornby and Metcalfe kits, low relief backdrops, pylons, stencils, wheels etc, etc – what we can produce is only limited by your imagination!!

We can produce the necessary drawings for you from your sketches and photographs, or work from your computer drawings, using CorelDRAW or importing CAD drawings, DWG or DXF files. Our lasers can cut most sheet materials including acrylic, plastics, MDF, timber, veneer, card and paper (not metal or glass).

For further information on our laser service, drawing requirements and suitable materials please see the downloadable pdf below.

CLICK on the images to enlarge and see model details.

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Precision Laser Cutting Information Sheet